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There are numerous ways on how to make money from writing. I’m not talking about publishing a novel or writing a screenplay! There are easier ways to make money from writing than these. Today’s fast-paced industry requires people to churn out more articles and columns; hence, it poses a need for competent writers. A great need for people like you!

So if you’re interested to learn how to make money from writing, read on!

1) Be a technical writer.

Are you familiar with computers, hardware, software, chemicals, electronics, etc.? If you’re interested in such topics, you can easily write about them. Not a lot of people like technical writing.

If you possess a talent for it, I strongly suggest you pursue that career. It’s not something everybody is good at, so you have a better chance of being accepted because the competition isn’t as tough. Check out special interest magazines and online blogs for your opportunities.

2) Be a blogger.

Another way on how to make money from writing is by being a blogger. Bloggers are steadily growing in number and with good reason!

There’s money to be earned simply by writing about the stuff you’re interested in! You can start your own blog, write articles about a specific subject and attract advertisers to invest in it.

3) Be an academic writer.

Are you the type who gets high grades in your term papers? If you are, then there is an opportunity for you to make money from writing.

These days, a lot of people need help writing essays, research papers and even book reports. Likewise, there are now Web sites that cater to these needs specifically. Web sites like writers.ph operate in such a way that you get to choose the “assignment” you want to do. Think of it as another school assignment!

Even if you’re not a gifted writer, you can still learn how to make money from writing. You can even manage a team of writers and get a cut of the earnings. Look around the Internet. You’ll find that the world is in dire need of your services!

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