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sex partyGrahame Bond, si pemilik Kastil tempat diadakannnya pesta liar ini mengatakan sangat terkejut ketika tiba jam 12 malam...setelah dikomando seorang pembawa acara...para Party goers langsung melepas topengnya masing2..dan pesta sex dimulai.
Orgy at the manor

This is the moment a masked ball at a posh country mansion degenerated into a swingers' sex orgy - as the well-heeled guests stripped off their costumes to reveal outrageous fetish gear.

Grahame Bond, who owns the £2m country manor in Somerset, described his shock as the clock struck 12 midnight - and the 350 partygoers removed their masks for a shocking sex party.

Mr Bond, 45, said: "One of the organisers announced: 'The moment has come. The spell has begun.' And within minutes, the entire assembly began kissing and shortly afterwards having sex.

"To say I was shocked was an understatement.

"One of my staff came up to me and said: "You have to see this!" And I couldn't believe my eyes. Everywhere there were couples having sex. Over the banisters alone I counted four couples at it.

"When the haze from the dry ice in the disco room cleared we realised it was going on everywhere.

"The guests were all public-school types and I jokingly said to one: "I suppose you are a High Court judge." He replied: "You're not far off the mark," Mr Bond told the Mail.

The revellers arrived at Halswell House at 9pm on Saturday and partied to music provided by a DJ until the orgy began at midnight.

Mr Bond sent two 19-year-old waitresses home and the party continued ntil the bar closed at 3am.

Mr Bond said he was unaware that the house had been booked by events company Little Sins for an event titled 'Eyes Wide Sins'. The Dutch company sold tickets at £65 each to the 350 guests and the advert on their website read: 'LittleSins brings you at an exquisite manor house.

'A new luxury and even more exclusive edition of the cape and mask party in the UK near Bristol. COUPLES & FEMALES ONLY! No Single men!'

Mr Bond said: 'When they booked the party they did say "it's got a dating aspect to it."

"Afterwards, I called the police, but they said that as it was a private party, there was nothing illegal about it."

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